a linkspam won’t make her stay

The most important site on the entire internet: MagpieAttack.com

The Australian Copyright Council has released a fact sheet on fan fiction and the law in Australia. Short version: DON’T MAKE MONEY OFF YOUR DAMN FIC.

(This is a pet peeve of Liz’s.)

Men explain my unsafety to me, and it makes me more unsafe (We’re not saying you’ll see a lot of travel thingies whilst Steph is in Singapore, but, uh)

Steph honestly giggled her way through this: Shock as Turnbull government loses three votes on floor of House of Representatives

Chinese & Indian Australians: queer, here and in need of Safe Schools

An excellent comic about the auto industry that gave Steph (environmental campaigner that she is) a LOT of feelings: Winding Up the Window: The end of the Australian auto industry

Government Hackers Caught Using Unprecedented iPhone Spy Tool

Comic Cuts to Core of China’s Women Trafficking Crisis

It’s hard to say whether the 33-panel opening scene of “Raging Radish” is more “Mad Max” or “Kill Bill.” But what is certain is that the new online comic tackling the treatment of women and environmental issues is making waves.


Someone Made A Guide For What To Do When You See Islamophobia And It’s Perfect

Young People Overwhelmingly Support Sydney’s Lockout Laws, According To A New Poll

Melbourne Writers festival: Maxine Beneba Clarke says non-white children rendered ‘invisible’

Cycling excellence you should support: The Lightning Furies (Can you believe Steph and No Award BFF Danni don’t know these excellent peeps? It’s basically an outrage).

Representing a non-English speaking woman in 1890s Melbourne: some dilemmas (The representation referred to is this upcoming exhibition, which Liz is 100% attending, possibly multiple times.)