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Madison Avenue: such an amazing, tuneless blip on the Australian music scene. What’s Cheyne Coates up to these days? A “where are they now?” article from last year doesn’t have any answers, but maybe she’s getting singing lessons.

A++ linguistics sciencing, Steph would agree again: How Morality Changes in a Foreign Language

White Victims And Black Monsters: Why I Have No Time For Becky Feminism

Search for Daisy Kwok uncovers Shanghai’s lost history of Chinese-Australians

Tourist Attractions, Displacements and Feminist Resistance

Comment: Hey, white people, please don’t call me a ‘wog’

The tiny nation of Kiribati will soon be underwater — here’s the plan to save its people

‘It’s Transformative’: Māori Women Talk About Their Sacred Chin Tattoos

How The Rhetoric of Imposter Syndrome Is Used to Gaslight Women in Tech

Achieving new standards of nerd: here’s a website about fonts in science fiction.

Yet more on Lionel Shriver:

Confronting Lionel Shriver

“When I come to your country,” Shriver’s chin is raised now. Her voice is strict, as if she’s speaking to small children. Though she’s shorter than I am, she somehow still manages to peer condescendingly down the bridge of her nose. “When I come to your country. I expect. To be treated. With hospitality.”

On Identity

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room (Said elephant being the institutionalised privilege that clears the path for writers with the most privileged to have the best access to publication.)

The furore over cultural appropriation


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  1. LondonKdS

    I’m astonished that they invited Shriver as keynote speaker – even the most cursory survey of her UK journalism would make it clear that she’s a hateful, bullying, far-right-wing professional troll who loves to define “free speech” as “I want to hurt someone weaker just because I can”. She even writes for “Standpoint”, which is basically “We Must Exterminate The Subhuman Mahometan Filth And If You Disagree You Are A Nazi Who Wants To Kill All The Jews” Magazine.

  2. LondonKdS

    Please remove my first comment – I was so angry I typed a sarcastic racial slur without thinking and I don’t approve of the sarcastic use of racial slurs – sorry.

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