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We forgot to post last week! So this week’s linkspam is a combination of last week and this.

Melbourne business: Anti-racism campaigner Jafri Katagar pepper sprayed by police

Exclusive; Burney, Mundine clash over violence in Indigenous communities

If you think Aboriginal women are silent about domestic violence, you’re not listening

Australian Black Panther Marlene Cummins: ‘I’m over women who speak on behalf of us’

This Japanese Commercial for Eel Is Being Compared to a Sexist Horror Movie

Canadian indigenous business, great article: Bella Bella, B.C.: The town that solved suicide

A writer writes – maybe don’t have a decade long affair when your wife is a journalist

Last week GQ published a sexist climbing piece, and Outdoor Research stepped in with the perfect response

Thailand, Malaysia plan border wall

Spider bites Australian man on penis again

HOW DARE: Does Anyone Else Remember The Pretender, the Weirdest Show of the Late ’90s? OF COURSE WE DO, STEPH WROTE ABOUT IT LAST WEEK: Shows we loved: The Pretender

From Peter Liang to Palestine: Atonement, “Allyship,” and the Movement for Black Lives

Why I Won’t Be Standing For The National Anthem At The Grand Final

An excellent interview with Gene Luen Yang: This Chinese-American cartoonist forces us to face racist stereotypes

The best – and very worst – sex scenes in video game history (Look, the important thing is that Shepard/Garrus gets a shout-out.)

(Garrus Vakarian: Acceptable Birb. Well, Acceptable Avian-Derived Alien Life Form.)

My Adventures Correcting Yellowface — DIY blogger Michelle Villemaire recreates portraits of Asian characters played by white actors.

Steph has not quite finished season one of Luke Cage, but that hasn’t stopped her from reading articles about it: The Luke Cage Syllabus: A Breakdown of all the Black literature featured in Netflix’s Luke Cage and A Brief History of all the Live Musicians in Luke Cage

These dickheads have since been deported and charges dropped (which is ridiculous cos if they were Malaysians they’d be punished, but ~white boys~), but some dickhead Australian men stripped at the F1 in Malaysia committing the sins of a) almost nudity and b) an insult to the Malaysian flag.

Winning a grand final is apparently the biggest thing since colonial invasion

Never believe police social media is anything but an attempt to get you to look the other way, no matter how hilarious it is when the cops “arrest” pokemon outside a school: The NSW Police Tried To Look Cool By Referencing ‘Star Wars’ But They Completely Screwed It Up

On being queer in Queensland: The women who lived in fear in Sir Joh’s Queensland

OH: Sydney Airport Auction: Thousands of lost, abandoned items to go under the hammer

A follow up from Steph’s post on Tuesday about cultural appropriation at Conflux; the video of ‘sci chi’ is online.

The Team of Men Behind Rachel Brewson, the Fake Woman Whose Trump-Fueled Breakup Went Viral (What’s that? Lightly edited, minimally fact-checked personal essays are a quick, easy way to build a fake profile online? XOJane wouldn’t know professionalism if it ran a sensitivity training course? YOU DON’T SAY!)

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  1. Spacerelish

    I found a great article in the West Australian about a rare birb sighting! A lady in Mt. Lawley, Perth found a leucistic willie wagtail in her backyard. A leucistic birb is different to an albino birb, and it causes its plumage to become white or pale. The picture was of a very cute white and grey willie wagtail. Hope the Margaret and David of birb watching appreciate this.

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