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This week’s linkspam is mostly about Stephanie, just FYI

Artist Tricks Tourists With Elaborate Monument To Staten Island Ferry Octopus Attack

Remember when The Simpsons was good? “You Only Move Twice” was, like, the fourth episode Liz ever saw, and the one that persuaded her mother that the show was worth watching. The Rise of Hank Scorpio

SPEAKING OF THE SIMPSONS, First Dog on the Moon interviewed Matt Groening, and reacted much the way L did when she met First Dog: The Simpsons’ Matt Groening: ‘President Trump? It’s beyond satire’

‘Grace and Frankie’ and the Binary of Bisexual Erasure and Representation by Melbunnie Leena van Deventer

It’s that time of year! AKA, time to vote in local government elections. As an on again off again employee of local governments, Stephanie would like to remind you that local governments actually do a lot of work and so you should vote in the elections; and also that some Councils have compulsory elections, so look into that. And also: Melbourne City Council elections: No place for homeless in battle for town hall

Poland’s abortion ban proposal near collapse after mass protests

S’pore man buys 3 life-sized Snorlax plushies thinking it was regular-sized, wife not happy at all

Marriage Equality Has Been Delayed, And LGBTI People Are Cheering

QLD Apple Store Employees Have Been Caught Secretly Photographing Female Customers And Staff

Nah, you can’t call yourself a feminist if you wish Kim Kardashian had died

The Federal Government Has Wiped Out Vocational Arts Education In Australia

And related: Culture Crisis. “The arts funding cuts are just a symptom of a broader malaise in Australia.”

In Perf: Lollipop women quit over abuse from drivers

‘Just a nurse’: Queensland woman writes open letter to woman at corner store

Also Steph was in Overland this week: A short history of the dangers of travel writing. Commenters felt her accusations of white gaze were akin to book burning, so there’s that.

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