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How amazing is this cover? LIKE, SO AMAZING.

Indigenous matters

Aboriginal elders ‘break silence’ on Fremantle Australia Day saga

Mr Eggington said Aboriginal leaders remained silent until now for one main reason… no one in the media bothered to seek them out.

“I think it’s been disgusting the mainstream media sought out Aboriginal people in government-appointed positions like Robert Isaacs (Aboriginal elder) and Ben Wyatt (Labor spokesperson for Aboriginal Affairs) for comment, instead of the people that represent the grass roots advocacy of Aboriginal people,” he said.

“We represent the unheard, silent voice.”

First Contact: Poverty Porn And Trauma TV, With Bonus Celebrities

First Contact: when Indigenous Australia becomes entertainment, everyone loses

People Are Calling Out Pauline Hanson’s Claim There’s No Definition Of An Aboriginal Person

Other business

Australia has its first female Chief Justice! Susan Kiefel.


Giselle Au-Nhien Nguyen: What Donald Trump means to a young Asian-Australian

Behrouz Boochani: The day my friend Hamid Kehazaei died

Half of Chinese LGBT Face Discrimination in Hospitals, Says NGO

US will reportedly take only up to 400 refugees under Australia deal

Boo: Cadbury withdraws from Fairtrade chocolate scheme but keeps logo on packaging

27 Women Waiting Patiently For Men To Stop Talking In 2016

Pop culture

Have some high quality Aus nostalgia: 46 years of Dolly magazine covers

The CW’s Archie series looks TERRIBLE; Liz can’t wait to watch it

Drive-by Tori Amos post: Piglets, Pink Floyd and Purple Rain: 20 Things You Never Knew About Boys For Pele

China has made an “unofficial remake” of Fury Road, with a woman in the Max role. We are SO going to try and see it

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