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Because Melbourne is having some weather this week

Expect fireworks as Fremantle council refuses to bow down to Turnbull government

Assistant Minister for Immigration Alex Hawke had written to the city claiming the council would be banned from holding citizen ceremonies because it breached the Australian Citizenship Act 2007 by “politicising” its banning of fireworks and its plans to hold a “culturally-inclusive alternative event” on January 28 instead.

Spoilers, Australia Day is a politicised event already.

And some more on the history of Australia Day: Australia Day must be preserved as history intended: in July

Melbourne Aiport begs for rail link, warns Tullamarine Freeway faces gridlock

Who is the genius behind Merriam-Webster’s social media?

The 103 DUFC is up at Zero to the Bone! A lot of links and blogs and thoughts in there, and you should settle back for an hour over the weekend to read them all.

Turnbull’s greatest danger

And this is the problem – not that Turnbull looks like a coward. The conclusion is hard to avoid: Turnbull looks like a coward because he is a coward. Whoever’s idea the bloody thing was, whatever the ins and outs of political management, all that actually happened was a minister said he’d look at something. Some noise from unhappy MPs, and a day or so later the minister was overruled.

Asian school languages renamed over racial discrimination fears

The Background Speakers and Heritage courses have been confined to students with roots to the Asian languages, while HSC students with no cultural links to these languages can take the Continuers or Beginners courses.

The fear was that a racist employer, for instance, could look at job applicants’ HSC records, label them as Asian and exclude them from consideration – perhaps even from granting them an interview.

The real reasons the U.S. became less racist toward Asian Americans

November in nonfiction

Activists Dressed As Sausages Have Crashed The Red Carpet At Australia’s Film Industry Awards

The activists from WIFT crashed today’s award ceremony, while dressed as sausages, to protest the low level of female nominations in the AACTAs.

Out of the 28 feature films that were shortlisted for the words only two were directed by women, representing seven percent of nominations.

Melbhattan: How Melbourne’s tram network could be its version of New York’s subway network 

‘We lost the house, we lost everything’: what dealing with financial stress looks like

Palm Islanders win racial discrimination case in scathing judgement

‘You’re my warrior’: Lex Wotton and the fight for justice after the Palm Island riots

And now Wotton has spearheaded an action that, 12 years after the fact, forced the justice system to acknowledge that Palm Island people were right to feel aggrieved for what police did in 2004.

Wotton says police would “probably say publicly they’ve learnt a lot” from the Mulrunji’s death, the riot and policing on Palm Island.

“They may have,” he says. “But the difference now is they wear their guns.”

So this is awful but can we talk about how AWW is the only media outlet using the word ‘bigot’? Bigot vandalises Muslim prayer mats at hospital with bacon strips

Call for submissions: NSW Writers Centre Speculative Fiction Festival 2017

Staff At A Melbourne Lingerie Store Are Protesting Against Sexist Work Conditions

Living With Racism in Australia

At the same time that Dad was telling us to ignore the Bad White Australians, Bad Asians were beginning to appear everywhere. Vietnamese heroin dealers on the 7 o’clock news, Filipino welfare cheats on the radio, Chinese slumlords in the papers. Ms. Hanson declared that Asians had “their own culture and religion, form ghettos and do not assimilate.” People started wearing printed yellow T-shirts, the word “full” emblazoned across a map of Australia.

Grassroots Business

Manna is a Perth-based charity, “primarily focused on the preparation and delivery of fresh meals every day to disadvantaged groups in our community…By assisting Perth’s most vulnerable, Manna improves their health and sense of wellbeing and provides a better outcome for the community while inspiring positive social change.”

Manna runs a mobile soup kitchen in Perth’s inner city, runs a school breakfast and winter clothes program, and provides Christmas hampers to families and individuals in need. They do some really great work, and you can volunteer with them or donate to Manna here.