Falling like linkspam

Why is our title from the sweet-but-maybe-not-that-great alt-pop love theme from Dance Academy?


(I’m not saying that I hope Ben dies, but I do hope Ben dies!)

The Death Of Ms Dhu: The Unheard Screams, And What They Show About Police Racism

Why Margaret Cho was justifiably angry over Tilda Swinton’s demand for emotional labour
My girls Coda Conduct (they say “holy squidbits”, of course they are my girls) look at the best hip hop tracks of 2016.

I’ve really enjoyed local history podcast Dead & Buried, a fascinating mix of Melburnian true crime and social history. Here’s an interview with the creators about the ethical and social justice principles that underlie their work. 

Remember that time Adelaide was washed away by a tidal wave in 1978?

Signing songs: what do concerts sound like when you can’t hear the music?

NK Jemisin on “write what you know”

Liz loved Rogue One quite a lot, but a few things bugged her. Tessa Gratton articulates it: Rogue One and the Star Wars Meta-Narrative

Coogee Beach summer booze ban after ‘disgraceful’ Christmas Day behaviour

Consumers urged to boycott 19 egg brands after free range definition announced

VB beer can Christmas tree lights up Perth street

VOM: One Nation’s Shan Ju Lin defends Pauline Hanson, says she fears Chinese Government will ‘take over’

What a good: Leia Organa: A Critical Obituary

Exciting news for public transport nerds and Melburnians: A new rail map for Melbourne is on its way!

No grassroots business this week, sorry D: If you have grassroots business you would like to share, please let us know!