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(Okay, yes, technically Bic Runga is from New Zealand, let’s settle for highlighting vastly underrated Antipodean artists.)


It’s a sad time for the Inner West: the iconic and delicious Olympic Doughnuts is no more. It’s hard to say what made them so magical — was it the extra-sweet hot jam inside, or the demonic dolphin-shaped device that dispensed that jam? Either way, it’s a great loss. Here is a farewell.

Other Footscray business: Who are you calling a hipster?

While in Adelaide, I was fascinated to learn that South Australia has its own special electricity poles. Lacking tall trees suited for the purpose, SA has the Stobie pole, a tall, tapered column of concrete with a recycled railway track on either side. The Stobie pole turned 90 in 2014.

Mariam Veiszadeh: You have the power to change who we see on television

This is the most Perth thing Steph’s ever read: Perth Fringe Festival launch: Elizabeth Quay gigs cancelled but show must go on

The wildly popular event, which briefly transforms the inner city into a diverse and colourful cultural hub

BURN. And also:

Last year’s event was also plagued by reports of security risks, with performers reportedly copping abuse and threats from the public as they moved through the city.


Steph’s not sorry, she laughed: Vegemite bought by Bega from US food giant Mondelez International

“Everybody loves cheese and Vegemite and I think that Bega Cheese and Vegemite are just a natural fit,” Bega executive chairman Barry Irvin said.

OOH: New species of seadragon discovered in wild for first time off Western Australia’s south coast

I read zines to escape surveillance and clickbait. It’s the new teen rebellion

Grassroots Business

Help Rebuild Aboriginal community that Burnt down

Bawoorrooga, a remote aboriginal community in the Kimberley, Burnt down after the New Year. The family lost their accommodation and all of their belongings and clothes. We aim to Rebuild and restock