linkspam here is so severe

Just a small linkspam this week, because apparently Donald Trump stole all our spoons.

This is mostly here so Steph can put these books on her reading list: Aussie Authors of Colour Reading List for 2016

How Carrie Fisher Became the Surprising Face of the Rebellion Against Trump

Where are our Aboriginal actors? – Indigenous cast removed from international movie posters

How Beyonce Invented Mediocrity… (which is a great piece, but is more about how white people in general and Taylor Swift in particular perpetuate mediocrity)

Things going really well for Malcolm and our “close relationship” with the USA, then: No ‘G’day, mate’: On call with Australian prime minister, Trump badgers and brags

Steph’s guilty secret: red carpets. Red carpets in Oz are never as fun appearing as in the USA, so here, read this one by Steph’s friend Genevieve, which includes a political division and the return of her favourite division, the Punk Enclave Throwdown: Red Carpet Rundown: Sag Awards

Chicken feet with a side of racism, or, Our ABC is supposed to be better than this

Reassessing “Daria”: The legacy of MTV’s deadpan “misery chick” is not one of cynicism, but hope

AFLW pioneers stand on the shoulders of little-known giants – women’s history and AFL!