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Remember when Sia was an indie type best known for mid-level rotation on Triple J? How far she’s come!

Did you know that Industrial Light & Magic is a massive employer of women in STEM? The Women of ‘Star Wars.’ (It’s Not Who You Think.)

Fuck Seth MacFarlane: How I Re-Discovered Good Animated Comedy (That Isn’t All About Dudes)

I haven’t watched The Expanse yet — I’ve only just started the second book in the series, and am pleased to note that the number of female characters has tripled! From one to three! — but this article pleases me:

‘The Expanse’: How The Syfy Series Found the Unfindable Actress (Which Means Other Shows Can, Too)

‘The conversation’s changed’: how Asian culture edged into the Australian mainstream

Legal shenanigans with bonus cephalopods! Desirable It Is That You Luxuriate in the Octopoid Embrace of These Legal Postulations

One Nation business (no cephalopods): One Nation, two narratives

And: I Asked One Nation 11 Times In 11 Hours About Its Candidate’s “Gay Nazi Mind Control” Comments

We don’t talk much about the financial inaccessibility of academic writing, but it’s often on Liz’s mind, since she is a giant nerd who reads history PhDs for fun. Here, historian Kate Bagnall discusses the problems she had asserting her agreed-upon rights to share her work. 

How Subway Safety Concerns Really Escalated Quickly (Escalator etiquette in China)

This Young Australian Is Starting An Organisation To Fight Pauline Hanson And Cory Bernardi

The (Very Sweary, Very American) Religious Experience Of ‘The Book Of Mormon’

The excellent Elaine Crombie: I am living proof of the stolen generation. Trust me, the trauma is real

I’m seeing Hidden Figures tonight, and I’m pretty excited because I loved the book almost as much as I love Janelle Monae. But here’s an excellent Tweet stream from Abigail Nussbaum about the story the movie tells, what it adds (white saviours) and what it chose to exclude.

Grassroots Business

Two rallies in Melbourne this Saturday 18 Feb:

#nohomelessban protest and campout at White Night

No to Trump, No to Turnbull – Let the Refugees In (SLV, 1400)