aflw round three

This weekend, Liz and Steph stayed home due to finances and weather. This means that for the first time, they tackled (GET IT) the AFL live stream.


  • I couldn’t make it to the Bulldogs game this week, so I had to stream it. Luckily, my new computer has a HDMI socket, so I could just plug my TV in and enjoy the browser stream. In your face, screen size restrictions!
  • Stephanie and I, streaming separately at our homes, exchanged a lot of text messages trying to decide which ads were the worst. I’m voting for the Jamie Oliver one, because I just hate Jamie Oliver a lot.
  • I’m becoming resigned to the fact that the Doggies are probs not gonna make it to the grand final.
  • Luckily, I also caught the final quarters of the Brisbane Lions v Collingwood and Adelaide Crows v Carlton games, and they were great, so I guess I’ll cope.
  • Melbourne captain Daisy Pearce was amazing to watch, and I deeply resent how good the Dees are. Great strategy, totally on the ball at all times.
  • I have just figured out that “on the ball” is a sports metaphor.
  • On the other hand, Melbourne’s song is appalling. It’s like a mash-up of “Auld Lang Syne” and the Benny Hill music.
  • Every week, I get closer to understanding the actual game.
  • I’ve started reading Play On: the hidden history of women’s Australian Rules Football by Brunette Lenkic and Bob Hess, and was APPALLED and OUTRAGED to learn that the first all-women matches took place in Perth in the 1910s. STEPHANIE WINS THIS ROUND.


  • I had to stream all the games this weekend, which meant suffering through advertisements. Do not recommend.
  • I hate the Special K ad.
  • That Armed Forces ad has a quote from a 16 year old. I’m not sure we should be encouraging 16 year olds to join the Armed Forces.
  • I do love how streaming it online means we get the actual time left in a quarter, not the time they’ve been playing which doesn’t stop for resets.
  • There was some biffo in that Adelaide v Carlton game!
  • Incidentally I love the Carlton uniform right now.
  • Melbourne’s theme song is not good.
  • How is it fair that the Bulldogs have had THREE at home games IN A ROW. Three. THREE.
  • I’m so impressed that half the Adelaide flies from Darwin/NT every week, that is also very excellent.
  • “It’s stacks on with a minute to play;” I giggled my way through most of the last quarter of Adelaide v Carlton.


Will the AFLW herald changing times for gay players in the men’s game?

How The AFLW Is Bringing Aussie Rules Back To Its Roots

I expected the AFLW to ignite me as a feminist. Finally, a hard-fought win in a male-dominated sport and administration — a chance for girls growing up loving footy like I did to be able to play, and for them to see women play at the elite level and know it is something they could one day do too. But the best surprise of all is that AFLW has reignited my love of the game.