A history of dining in Melbourne

Food, by its nature, is ephemeral, and so is its history. Sometimes it’s obvious when a trend is happening (see: kale, fancy gelato, complicated doughnuts). Other times, you might look up and think, “Hey, remember the early 2000s, when every sandwich was a focaccia and hardly anyone ate sourdough?” And, the further back in time we go, the greater the challenge.

Which brings us to Flavours of Melbourne: A Culinary Biography by Charmaine O’Brien, an extremely fortuitous find in the local history shelves at the Melbourne Library. It doesn’t just contain history — it contains recipes!

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Further Activism for Aussies: outcomes and new scripts

Some friends of No Award have been using our scripts from last week, so today we’re having a look at some more scripts, and also some of the reactions we’re receiving. This is to allow you to prepare for the possibility that, as much as we advise you to be polite to staffers, a staffer might be rude to you. This way, you can engage in self-care before and after making stressful phone calls and receiving rude emails.

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The Weekend in AFLW

Steph + SJ + softie are keen on the DockersIt’s AFLW, not WAFL, because WAFL is taken by the WA Football League (also known as ‘Waffle’, a term Steph’s father used to loathe).

Behind the fold: this week in AFL, including our personal highlights, and why everyone is hating on Eddie (short answer: because he’s awful. long answer: because we deserve better).

Also please welcome to the inaugural use of the sports category (rather than just the tag — Steph will go through and recategorise old posts as appropriate shortly).

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