those great whites, they have big links

For once, we had this week’s song chosen more than five minutes before the post went live … and then Lorde released her new song, and it’s about sharks.

(It mentions sharks once.)

(The shark is a metaphor.)

Lorde’s ‘Green Light’: A Brilliant Songwriter Enters Her Prime

(Surely it’s too soon to say Lorde has reached her prime? She’s only twenty!)

Is this what happens when you criticise government? Here’s a scary one! Andie Fox published a piece on her encounter with Centrelink’s debt recovery service, and a Fairfax journalist has responded by receiving and publishing further details of her Centrelink account — which are meant to be confidential. Apparently it’s not just NewsLtd who goes after individuals who aren’t sufficiently obsequious.


Exclusive: minister’s office sent journalist internal briefings about Centrelink client

Centrelink debt inquiry: leaked data may have chilling effect on witnesses, Greens warn

Who wants to feel really old? ‘Daria’ 20 Years Later: Producers Behind MTV’s Iconic Cartoon Look Back

Apparently Victoria is bringing in five year tenancy agreements? Long-Term Security For Tenants And Landlords

AND YET: ‘Zero-Day’ Rental Eviction Proposal Will Increase Homelessness

Lion may not have got an Oscar, but for first- and second-generation Australians it is a gift

COUNTERPOINT: Kill Your Darlings on Lion‘s failure to address the nuances of international adoption.

SOMEWHAT RELATED: What Will It Take For Dev Patel To Be A Leading Man?

(Liz: I’ve been asking this for many years.)

Celeste Liddle: Why the term “Australian” can be an imposition on Aboriginal people

Seeking welcome while Australian

Singapore may have sand piracy … but Calgary has pizza bootlegging!

L O L Angry Melbourne Lord Mayor lashes out at ‘mob’ over ‘unacceptable’ protest outside his home

L O L redux: Liberal candidate handed out bottles of wine while doorknocking. Hand out lucky lollies and ang pau, auntie.

Grassroots Business

Sponsor a LGBTIQ youth to attend this year’s Queer Formal 2017. If you’re a Melbunnie, you might remember last year’s Queer Formal, where some religious organisation tried to buy up all the tickets to prevent queer kids from going (!?!) and also that there were a bunch of angels to protect kids from protestors. Anyway if you would like to donate to send a queer kid to this year’s formal, you can do so. You can also volunteer to be an angel.

Queer Formal 2017 is run by Minus 18, a totally excellent queer youth organisation doing amazing work across Australia for queer kids.