AFLW Round 6 and 7

YES, we missed last week’s post, we can’t believe we’re being shamed like this. Outrageous.

Anyway, here are some thoughts on the sportsball.

Liz, Round 6

  • The Lions are my back-up team, so I thought I’d enjoy the Lions v Bulldogs game regardless of who won.
  • BUT NO! Most weeks, I enjoy the Lions’ unstoppable power, but this week I was all, “Look, it’s just no fun when you’re winning all the time. Where’s the suspense? Where’s the excitement? Look at the Bulldogs, they’re losing!”
  • So maybe I have some complex feelings.
  • But mostly my emotion was relief, that, while the Doggies lost, it wasn’t a humiliating loss (like that time GWS lost 43 to 9). We came within a whisker of a draw!
  • It does feel like, every week, the Bulldogs get stronger as a team, and more versatile, but maybe they should have been strong and versatile all along? Is that how sport works? IDEK.

Steph, Round 6

  • I love how many women are telling stories about getting time off work to play AFLW.
  • I less love the financial difference between AFLM and AFLW but there’s always next year I guess.
  • I know how I feel about this

  • Fuck the Footy Show
  • I feel like these round ups are really giving away a lot about my footy habits, ie, I lie on my couch working with the tv on and only really pay attention when my team is actually playing.

Steph, Round 7

  • Hey it’s time for the wooden spoon! I don’t care for it but if you’re new to AFL you might be wondering what the fuck it is. It’s won by the team who finishes last in a season of AFL. GWS won it this year.
  • The location of the AFLWGF was literally only announced at about COB AEDST Monday, ie, five days before. Whaaaat. The insult. The treachery. The misogyny.
  • ALSO it’s not even on free to air tv? Fuck everything.
  • I don’t know how I feel about this:

  • The existence of Mai Nguyen made me consider GWS for like half a half a second.
  • A housemate reports that between her seat and her bike there were no recycling bins, so she brought her rubbish home.

Liz, Round 7

  • I missed this week’s Bulldogs match because I was staying at a five star resort out at Uluru. Don’t be jealous!
  • (Yes, there is a post coming about the things I did there, including the museum shops.)
  • (No, I did not climb Uluru.)
  • Anyway, I finally sat down last night to watch the highlights, or as many as I could make out through the pixels.
  • On the one hand, I’m glad the Doggies won, because losing to GWS would have been truly embarrassing.
  • On the other hand, one of the GWS players is Nicola Barr, and although we’re not related (as far as my dad knows), I feel a certain kinship with her.
  • I’m pretty mad about the grand final being held on the Gold Coast, and as an opener for the men’s game. I hope that this whole “AFLW is just the lesser auxiliary to the ‘real’ footy” phase is over by next year.
  • At least the guy in charge is equally mad.