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‘Clueless’ style: a fashion analysis of the best teen movie of all time

I wish I’d Grown up with ‘Dance Academy’, ABC’s Beloved Teen Drama

I hear ya, Daily Review guy!

A Bunch Of People Have Been Tricked Into Thinking Gardening Is Illegal In New Zealand

New Zealand, we salute you.

Cephalopod business: Alien intelligence: the extraordinary minds of octopuses and other cephalopods and, related: Other Minds by Peter Godfrey-Smith review – the octopus as intelligent alien (Hint: it’s my birthday this year – Liz)

Why the TLC comeback matters so much (Did you know there’s a TLC comeback? I hope it’s accompanied by a re-release of Left-Eye’s under-appreciated solo album, and not the posthumous remixed “tribute” Eye Legacy.)


‘Little J and Big Cuz’, The first animated show to feature First Nations people, offers ‘relatable’ characters for Aboriginal kids

Producer Ned Lander said he had been contacted by numerous Indigenous community members who wanted to dub the show into their nation’s language.

He said Animations are easy to dub in different languages and so far they had dubbed episodes in a number of languages, including Pintinjarra, Arrernte, Wiradjuri, Yawuru, and a reclaimed Tasmanian language called Palawa Kani.

Little J and Big Cuz premieres on NITV on April 28.

The fight to be heard: taking on ‘boys’ clubs’ in Australian universities

How An Indigenous Kid From Rooty Hill Became World Figure Skating Champion

Hooray: Gay panic laws pass Queensland Parliament, removing partial defence

What you need to know is that this article is all very well and good, but also classist. Like, yes, Steph’s most comfortable pair of work pants actually is the hand-made Australian designer pants that cost her $200, but also she still feels guilty about paying that much money two years ago for them: We’ve Forgotten How to Dress Like Adults

Pakistani Artist’s Concept Art Of A Sci-Fi Pakistan Will Blow You Away

Hoorayyyy: Senate kills off Turnbull government’s changes to 18C race discrimination law

Related: #FreedomOfSpeech: Twitter shares stories of racism in Australia

What a maggot: Barnaby Joyce wants Australia’s Leadbeater’s possum off endangered list to boost logging

Surpriiiise: Fall in home ownership threatens to sink Australia’s retirement system

The report says the declining rate of home ownership poses a threat to Australia’s public finances because Australia’s relatively parsimonious retirement income system was built on the assumption that the “overwhelming majority” of retirees would not have housing costs because they would have paid off their mortgages.

Related: Housing affordability is not just about youth. 15,000 seniors are homeless

Work Is My Self-Care