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That Robyn Loau didn’t go on to a long, successful career is one of the great injustices of Australian music.

This article is super American, but since American-style barbecue is a recent/current food fad in Melbourne, I figured it was relevant to our interests — it’s also fascinatingAmerica’s Most Political Food – The founder of a popular South Carolina barbecue restaurant was a white supremacist. Now that his children have taken over, is it O.K. to eat there?

The saddest thing I have ever read: The slow death of Australian children’s TV drama

(Irritation alert: the article refers to a certain newly-announced project as “a reboot of Monkey Magic“. Stay tuned for Stephanie’s Opinions next week.)

But don’t worry, Sarah Hanson Young has a petition.

To be a queer teacher

Ikea Responds to Balenciaga Copying Its 99-Cent Bag

Yassmin Abdel-Magied: ‘Most people doing my makeup would make me look white’

Reading Science Fiction and Fantasy for (South) Asia

Now people overseas are talking about what our government is doing; we should be talking about it as much as possible: 5 things you need to know right now about Australia’s secretive refugee policy

No Award is officially pretty mad at Penny Wong right now.

(Liz notes that, gross as it is, “photo ops with terrible people” is kind of part of the job when you’re a senior parliamentarian, and Penny has always used “go along with the majority, making incremental change from within” as her strategy.)