I knew she was the linkspam

We are going old-school today – in song, but not in links

Drive-by blog rec: Young People Read Old SF — in which some young folk, defined here as “born after 1980”, read classic SF that predates them. We note with approval that their reading so far includes multiple women.

The Definitive Account Of Shannon Noll’s Rise And Fall

There was always more than a hint of class snobbery to the meme-driven Noll revival. Like Trent from Punchy or Ciggie Butt Brain, the laughter of well-off kids from inner city private schools putting on fake ocker accents has a ring of mockery to it.

E-Health Cyber-DOOOOOOM — I mean, do you trust the Australian government to design and implement a functional and secure system of electronic health records?

Inconspicuous Battleground — a lovely photo-essay about the epic cuttlefish mating party that takes place off the coast of South Australia.

(I swear this isn’t just cuttlefish porn!)

(It’s … tasteful! And arty!)

Suburban Poverty in the Twenty-First Century: Housing and Hunger — this is the second Asher Wolf piece in this linkspam, but in our defence, she is doing very good work.

Miley Cyrus’ Image Makeover Shows Why Black People Fight For Their Culture

Decolonising Yoga: Please Don’t Tell Me “I’m in a Safe Place”

What Made Twin Peaks’ Denise Such a Radical Trans Character on TV

Books For Girls

World Bank: let climate-threatened Pacific islanders migrate to Australia or NZ

Forever this: Why Is Asian Salad Still on the Menu?

Applebee’s menu features an “Oriental chicken salad” with the following description: “fresh Asian greens tossed in a tasty Oriental vinaigrette.” The “Asian greens” and “Oriental vinaigrette” are so laughably vague as to have no meaning at all. When I asked Applebee’s for more specifics on what made its Asian greens Asian and its Oriental vinaigrette Oriental, a spokesman told me the company was unable to “provide a thorough response.” No kidding.

Yes thank you I will see this Muslim-Australian rom-com based on a true story:

I Grew Up In A Fundamentalist Cult — ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Was My Reality

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