bogans on a boat

Good news! Some convicts in 1829 hijacked a boat bound for Tasmania, jumped on it, and sailed off, becoming Historical Bogans Off the Coast of Japan.

We have been referring to this discovery as ‘a literal present for Steph from the past’.

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museum shops of the world: Yokosuka Museum of Art

Please welcome Friend of No Award Amanda to Museum Shops of the World. 

Amanda and the view from the roof (lots of blue)

If there’s one thing the Japanese do well, it’s ridiculous merchandise. And that translates to their museum gift shops (and how!).

I’d long heard of the Yokosuka Museum of Art in Kanagawa – it’s renowned for its architecture and ability to “blend into the sea” (it kind of really does), as well as highlighting contemporary Japanese artists. The gift shop is in two halves – one being in the main building and the other in the separate pavilion dedicated to Taniuchi Rokuro.

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