movies in melbourne (as if we don’t have enough of that)

In blatant Melbourne bias, now that the Melbourne International Film Festival is over, here is a list of film festivals on over the next five to six weeks. You should go see some movies!

Arab Film Festival, currently running until Saturday.

Israeli Film Festival, currently running until 4 September. Also in Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Byron Bay.

Czech and Slovak Film Festival, 21 August – 10 September. A theme of resistance and a celebration of Czech and Slovak events. Also taking place in Sydney.

Bayside Film Festival, 27-31 August. I am particularly excited about their youth project where they work with Bayley House and Berendale.

Environmental Film Festival, 4-12 September. Advancing the knowledge and understanding of environmental issues.

Korean Film Festival in Australia, 9-16 September. Also taking place in Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide. With a welcome to Hallyuwood and some awesome Korean cinema.

Girls on Film Festival, 12-14 September. Movies by feminists, for feminists. Stories of women and strength.

Italian Film Festival, 17 September – 12 October. Also in Sydney, Canberra, Hobart, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Byron Bay.

Also the Melbourne Writer’s Festival starts tonight!

3 thoughts on “movies in melbourne (as if we don’t have enough of that)

  1. kejumonyet

    Wah, the Arab film festival is just four films? Anyway, I’m not a Melbournite so I’ll be content to just browse the list of films and check them out if I can track them down. I’ll definitely go to the Korean, Israeli and Italian film fests when they come to Adelaide, though!

    And, speaking of which, the OzAsia Festival is on here next month. If you’re in Adelaide (or just more mobile than I am) it’s worth checking out – it’s got films, but also heaps of exhibitions, seminars and (especially) dance and theatre productions. It’s got a real focus on cross-cultural engagement which is good to see. Also, Helen Feng is playing which might be pretty cool…

    Please post a review of some films if you get out to any with the festivals. I’ve found some pretty neat stuff off No Award so far – your critical reviews tend to pique my interest.


    1. Just because shit is going down in Gaza and the State of Israel is being totally reprehensible towards Palestinians doesn’t mean I’m going to a) ignore that some cool people are Israeli or b) engage in anti-semitism, so, yeah, a link to the Israeli Film Festival.

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