Got a sharehouse problem? Let us attempt to solve it for you!

Liz and Steph have lived in a lot of sharehouses.  We have experience.  And also lots of friends with experience.  If you find yourself, say, with flatmates whose drunk friend turned up at 5 am on a Sunday morning and possibly pissed on your couch, only you can’t tell for sure because the couch cover and mattress have mysteriously vanished … well, we don’t have an answer for that, because that’s Liz’s life right now, and she’s not one for confrontational things like asking questions outright in a face to face and mature manner.  

But if you have a query, or a good story to tell, or advice re: Schrodinger’s piss couch (that isn’t going to wind up on, this is the time and place to ask, and we’ll answer in a post in the near future.

4 thoughts on “Got a sharehouse problem? Let us attempt to solve it for you!

  1. SADLY FOR LIZ, the advice starts here:

    1) Use your words. Housemate, did your 5am guest pee on the couch?

    2) Have a discussion about 5am guests. Is ongoing 5am guests an acceptable or unacceptable thing?

    3) For future, I can’t believe I’m saying this, consider a housemate agreement? Ugh I’m shuddering.

    4) Invest in some alcohol, but keep it in your room, so Housemate and guests can’t steal it.

  2. I think, in the case of point 1, I need to learn enough Auslan to conduct this discussion in their preferred language. I note that the Auslan Signbank has “piss” but not “urinate”. I RESPECT YOUR PRIORITIES, SIGNBANK.

    1. You could chat with Bella about confrontation/mediation in the deaf community to see if there’s anything you’re missing? I think there’s a tendency to assume that the deaf community is “just like us” (in the same way that people ask why there’s not a universal sign language, completely missing the point of everything) and so maybe there’s some cross-cultural miscommunication going on.

      In the absence of becoming fluent in Auslan this week, maybe write a whole bunch of what you’d like to get out of a conversation down?

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