thoughts on the first morning of the lunar new year 

My fingernails are too long, but I am bound by the moon and some hours too late; now I must put up with these claws until Saturday.
The cat has covered the floor in fur; I hope the Kitchen God doesn’t drop by. Can one stuff his mouth with sticky sweets every day of the year, just in case? Surely someone has tried this.

Did I eat enough noodles?

More importantly, my mother is a goat. Did she eat enough noodles?

What the world really needs is a series of quirky lunar new year movies to watch every year. Two of them should star Gong Li, and one of them should be set in Australia and feature Joan Chen.
Will Lee Lin Chin be dressed to theme? I love her.

Why don’t I own any work appropriate red dresses? This is unacceptable.

Dumplings for lunch. It’s traditional.