there’s a pain goes on and linkspam

Nova Peris says MPs walking out of debate shows total disrespect to Indigenous Australians (IT DOES)


By the awesome Sulagna, Life Hacks for the Marginalised

The UK is giving tourist destinations Mandarin names

A very US-American term (so I would dispute “By now everyone has heard of Columbusing”) but I accept this article: What will White People Columbus next?


In today’s Ladies Written Out of History by Men: Monopoly’s Inventor: The Progressive Who Didn’t Pass Go

A young Azn-Australian faking it til she makes it, A++

At New Matilda, on the Black Work for the Dole

Steph spent many an hour watching the Leyland Brothers World tv show as a young Australian and cannot wait to check out this Australian Story on iView.

In awesome accessibility news, the RBA is introducing tactile bank notes? How does the RBA keep making awesome advances in bank notes. First the polymer bank notes that are slowly taking over the world, and now this!

AARLI, a totally adorable Indigenous upcycling fashion brand, is looking for some Pozible loving

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