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If you haven’t read it yet, this is essential reading: Time to tell the truth before I’m gagged: Australia’s detention centres ruin lives. As of July 1, workers at Nauru can’t talk about conditions, and conditions are bad.

Danielle Binks has written a ‘if you like this US YA book, read this Oz YA book’ post, and it is excellent. Choose Aussie YA – #LoveOzYA readalikes. (No Award disclaimer: We never recommend Tomorrow, When the War Began.)

Transgender Women Are Falling Through Cracks In Australia’s Homeless System.

The Federal Government has decided to remove funding from the Aboriginal Medical Service Western Sydney. You can sign the petition to keep it funded. AMSWS is a great service and has over 11,000 active patients, and we should always support Indigenous services, No Award.

Maria is leaving Sesame Street; obviously this is not as big a tragedy as that time Benita left Play School, but she’s been there for 44 years so we can commemorate that.

Stories from the long grass: The daily struggle to survive for Darwin’s growing number of homeless Indigenous people.

Gillian Triggs criticises the NT intervention; I cannot believe we’re still discussing this shit. I can’t believe it’s still happening. The NT intervention is wrong, quokkas.

Bree Newsome climbed a flag pole (!!!) and removed the Confederate Flag. She spoke to Blue Nation Review about why she did it. She’s amazing! What great work.

Not to make this about No Award, but it has been illuminating learning about the Confederate Flag and everything it stood (stands) for in the USA.

A robot killed a factory worker. Which is terrible! But also the VF article is hilarious, I kept laughing.

The list of buildings for Open House Melbourne has been released! No Award loves buildings.

Portrait of a Lady; “Something changed when Africans began to take photographs of one another: You can see it in the way they look at the camera, in the poses, the attitude.” SO GREAT.

Lost Undertaker on Lake Burley Griffin:

It is understood some relatives of patients at Clare Holland House, which sits on the edge of the lake at Barton, felt the sight of the coffin kayaker out the hospice’s windows was inappropriate and insensitive.


The politics of ugly food. Steph has literally ended friendships over peoples’ inability to accept my ugly, smelly, green food, because it’s evidence of the way our (your) food is colonised and also pandan is the greatest.

Have you encountered the Public Records Office of Victoria yet? Because it has lots of awesome online and in person exhibitions, including Forgotten Faces: Chinese and the Law. Into it. PROV is No Award’s new favourite website.

Steph is doing Plastic Free July, because Australians send 1 million tonnes of plastic waste to landfill each year. Stay tuned for how badly she fails at it.

Are you supporting the chronically and sexistly underpaid and totally amazing women sportsplayers of Australia? Read about The Matildas losing and resuming their status as women at The Tunnel.

The last week in No Award: No Award Reads The Courier’s New Bicycle; that couple that can’t get divorced; An excellent and 1000% appropriate Mad Max: Fury Road fan mix.

Suburban creepypasta: a child has a recurring nightmare about a man standing outside his room with a light … turns out it’s not a dream.

No Award loves (a) cocktails; (b) casino heists.  Here’s a story that combines both!  We expect it to be turned into a Hollywood movie any day now, but set in Las Vegas and starring white people.

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  1. I read that man with a light story last night – worst decision EVER, especially since my toddler has one of the few windows in our elevated house accessible from the outside. (There’s a landing outside it. And security screens on his window, but still)

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