a split second action in a dynamic environment

This weekend saw rallies by Reclaim Australia (racists) and protests/opposing rallies from #noroomforracism. And just in case you’re wondering where Victorian coppers stand:

copper pepper spraying a protester; fb text: victoria police went to some lengths to repress #antifa but people power ensured that the fascists left knowing they're very unwelcome in #Melbourne

Here’s a photo of a member of the Victorian Police pepper spraying an anti-fascist marcher.

copper not leaving a racist hanging, gives him a high five

Here’s a photo of a member of the Victorian Police giving a high five to a totally racist fucker at a pro-racism rally.

photo of a medic washing their face with milk after being pepper sprayed by a copper

Here’s a photo of a medic who was pepper sprayed by a member of the Victorian Police. (This action was allegedly with no warning)

user @retrovertigo tweets: So it was a brain fart then? How about pepper spraying medics, was that also a split second decision in a dynamic environment?

Here’s how the Victorian Police chose to defend some actions:

The image of a policeman engaging in a hand gesture with a demonstrator yesterday represents a split second action in a dynamic environment.

We very much hope that this response is merely the work of VicPol’s PR department’s work experience kid, and that Monday morning involved a lot of senior people going, “Okay, we need to find out who high-fived the fascist, who gave the order to pepper spray peaceful protesters and medics, and which dickhead was running the Twitter account yesterday afternoon.”

We have hope, but not necessarily optimism.

@EX_V19: This is what I said about the red light camera but I was still booked

So anyway basically everything is terrible. Statistically, we’re probably friends with or related to people who support some of this shit, and we’re pretty angry right now.

From Our ABC’s reporting:

Federal MP attends Queensland rally

In Mackay, Federal Coalition MP George Christensen addressed a Reclaim Australia rally, telling the crowd it would be naive to think Australia was not at war with extreme Islam.

Dude, we’re seriously not. Like, we’re really, really not at war with Islam. Like. Fuck.

(Political blogger Andrew Elder talks about George Christensen’s political background and the value he brings to the Liberal Party.  Interesting and depressing stuff!)

The Reclaim Australia supporters marched through Elizabeth Mall, singing Waltzing Matilda and the national anthem.

As they reached Hobart Fountain, anti-racist protesters were waiting, singing the theme song from television show Neighbours.


This is all depressingly reminiscent of the 1930s, when lots of countries (including the UK, US and, yes, Australia) saw little bubbles of Fascism rise to the surface.   Luckily, Fascism didn’t take hold in Australia … partially because it was seen as being a bit, you know, foreign. IRONY.

But the other reason it never became mainstream was because the average Australian punters were too busy pointing and laughing to say more than, “Yeah, nuh” to the guys shrieking about international Jewish conspiracies and blaming minorities instead of capitalism for unemployment and poverty.

Liz feels, therefore, that more anti-fascism protests should involve group singalongs of Aussie soap themes.  Reclaim Australia doesn’t deserve the dignity of a serious response.


Here’s a nicer thing, I guess:

A brown man standing with a fist held high; sign says 'not yours to reclaim'. parliament house is in the background. twitter text: @livenewslive: A message for the tiny crowd of #reclaimaustralia bigots in #canberra. #noroomforracism

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