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Adam Goodes’ Indigenous Allies Are Mad As Hell About The Way He Has Been Treated

Two West Coast supporters were evicted for racist behaviour and Goodes was continually booed throughout the match, prompting teammate Lewis Jetta to do an Aboriginal war dance after scoring a goal as a show of support for Goodes.

One of the ejected spectators yelled that Goodes should, “go back to the zoo.”


Adam Goodes standing in front of the Mabo flag

I laughed out loud at First Dog: Why do you boo Adam Goodes? Is it because … (a handy guide)

Adam Goodes ‘unAustralian’ says former Brisbane Roar goalkeeper

Former Brisbane Roar goalkeeper Griffin McMaster has weighed into the Adam Goodes racism controversy by suggesting the dual Brownlow medallist and former Australian of the Year should be deported.

I cry laughing every time I read this quote. Adam Goodes is an Indigenous Australian AFL player who was Australian of the Year. He is literally – like – there is no way to be more Australian in this country.

“Adam Goodes calls Australia Day invasion day,” McMaster wrote in a since-deleted tweet.

“Deport him.

“If you don’t like it leave.”




I’m probably actually going to be sick I’m so angry.

Booing Adam Goodes: are we even aware we’re racists? No, we’re dickheads.

I’d be happy to see every Indigenous player from now on perform the war dance every time they kick a goal. That would rub it in all our white faces until we truly got the message that you are part of this culture on your own terms and not on the terms that white society deems to be acceptable.

Richmond to wear Dreamtime AFL guernsey in support of Adam Goodes – yes, excellent, everyone do this.

We want to support Adam Goodes, who has been a wonderful ambassador for our game and his people.

White Australia is coming for you

Finally, in other non-racist news, Andrew Bolt has been busy posting clips of Martin Luther King speeches. He’s running a campaign against the ‘race war’ in the AFL, a war conducted, not by the booing fans, but by Adam Goodes, who seems to be singlehandedly oppressing all of Australia’s white football followers.

Yes, that’s right. You see, MLK had a dream that white children would, one day, be able to say whatever they damn well want – and that non-white people would sit there and take it.

Happily, here in Australia, that noble vision seems on the verge of coming true.

You can twitter around on #IStandWithAdam

One thought on “linkspam: extra special steph loves her football team edition

  1. I have to admit, I’ve gone straight to point “What is this I can not even?!?” about this whole mess. I mean, the rugby guys play against the All Blacks, whose starting move in any game is for the entire damn team to perform a haka (a ceremonial dance once described by Lex Marinos as being the one where the players point out all the bits of their body they’re going to hit you with) – a form of haka which was intended to intimidate enemies rather than the ones which were intended as welcomes to country or similar. This is apparently fine with everyone. One (count ’em, ONE) AFL player performs a “spear throwing” dance, which could probably be easily mistaken for someone punching the air with a fist at full extension in celebration, and all of a sudden it’s a terrible horrible thing? He’s “unAustralian” and should “be deported”? (This is a soccer goalie saying this, by the bye…hard to come up with a winter sport which is more of a European import than soccer, but I’m sure someone could look around – maybe there’s a hurley team somewhere who’d like to comment on the matter?)

    Honestly, did becoming a small-minded racist fool suddenly become trendy when I wasn’t looking? Because I seem to remember being raised to think it was the height of poor manners and boorish behaviour.

    Adam Goodes is a damn sight better human being than all of the damn fools booing him. I think it’s shameful he’s being practically forced out of a game he’s good at playing simply because some racist nincompoops think he shouldn’t be celebrating his own damn culture. I’d suggest to Mr Goodes that he shift over to playing Rugby instead and see whether the All Blacks will take him on. Then he can make far more rude and aggressive gestures toward white Australians, and nobody will blink an eye.

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