#breaking: melbourne voted most livable city in the world

AGAIN. Fifth year running. Speaking as someone currently oppressed by our train system, how is this even possible? Is it the water?

Things that make Melbourne the most livable city:

  • trees that answer emails
  • trams
  • copious amounts of good coffee
  • brunch everywhere
  • donuts
  • Nutella donuts
  • SECRET TUNNELS under Fed Square and in fact the whole CBD
  • Liz really wants a Nutella donut
  • but only from the tiny Vietnamese bakery across the road from Footscray Station OMG
  • the Franco Cozzo mural in Footscray
  • Franco Cozzo

franco cozzo standing with his arms spread in front of a mural of franco cozzo

  • did we mention coffee
  • Little Red Trucks dudes all being hilarious hipster dudes who want to talk about what books you have in your heavy boxes
  • discussing the weather is not a topic for when you have nothing else to discuss, it is Very Important
  • the secret tunnels under the hospital
  • the blocked up below ground public toilets dotted around the city
  • that time Nicholas Cage’s Ghost Rider was filmed in the CBD and they edited out all the tram stops
  • cycling down Royal Parade in spring
  • the ACDC ‘Long Way to the Top’ video clip

  • the State Library Dome
  • the Cats of SLV tumblr
  • complete digital archives for The Argus
  • the Public Records Office of Victoria
  • Kino Cinemas beer + choc top dinner during movie festivals
  • the tram stop noise that Rockwiz uses as a buzzer sound
  • burgers and cider during Rooftop Cinema
  • little tiny bookshops that can’t possibly afford to still be in business BUT ARE
  • Captain Melville burgers
  • White Night
  • forcing Starbucks to downsize
  • lowest dropbear fatality rate of any capital city