! (The Linkspam Formerly Known As)

“Australians may or may not be making booze out of Vegemite” is hilarious right up until you realise that the rumour is about Indigenous Australians, and ties into a long history of government interference in Indigenous communities.

Important fatberg update: Fighting the fatbergs: how cities are waging war on clogged sewers.

From that link: Arne Hendriks is building his own fatberg.  I legit hope this comes to MONA.  I’ll go back for that.  I’ll even take the boat.

The cats of the State Library of Victoria tumblr.

When changing names means changing identities. Steph has so many feels about this.

That awkward moment when Our ABC briefly employed a Nazi spy.

A group of students have figured out a way to disrupt the period industry in low-income countries. Amazing brown girl innovation.

Remember that time Mark Latham almost became prime minister?  These days, he’s probably* a misogynistic and transphobic troll on Twitter, and causing some grief for the Australian Financial Review, which publishes his rants.

* “Probably” = the twitter account in question claims it’s run by an old school friend of Latham’s, which doesn’t explain how its tweets end up word for word in AFR columns, but obviously Latham can’t blame his nanny.

ETA: It’s most definitely Latham, so there goes that slender shred of doubt!

Koala on a quadbike. Probably a dropbear.

a jelly bean in a viking hat with blood coming out of her

Steph has a new housemate, proving that sometimes it pays to enter twitter competitions. (Stay safe around trains, quokkas!)