linkspam tonight (feel the spice of life)

This is a very long linkspam, so it is under a cut.

Hooray to the doctors at RCH for refusing to release refugee kids who are going to get sent to detention centres.

But wow, Peter Dutton, get a grip:

“I understand the concern of doctors, but the Defence and Border Force staff on our vessels who were pulling dead kids out of the water don’t want the boats to restart,” he said.

What a line to pick.

On Peter Norman: The white man in that photo. Look, this is a little too valourising of Norman, a little too ‘should get a cookie for being a decent human being’, but also it’s not wrong. And certainly at a time (every time) when race relations in Australia were shit, that he cared at all and was then punished for it at home is notable.

IS THIS A TV SERIES ABOUT YOWIES?! It could also be about little trickster people; anyway hope it’s good and respectful but the directors are Indigenous so flippers crossed.  How great is the amount of Indigenous-driven pop culture we’re getting at the moment?  And also the fact that there is an actual place in Australia called Sexy Beach?  (Don’t Google that.)

Very much enjoyed this article on volunteering and capacity building and domestic violence: Marching in the Rain: Tackling Domestic Violence in the Solomon Islands

The Canadian election explained for Australians by Mr Antony Green.

Senator Scott Ludlam gives his top five tips for living with data retention.

This article is terrible but Steph is so ready for the Moroccan Soup Kitchen’s book and deli.

Forget ‘Dole Bludgers’, For-Profit Businesses Are Getting Rich Off Centrelink and also being terrible human beings.

Firstly, under consumer leases the customer ends up paying far more than the actual value of the good over time. In the most extreme case ASIC found a lease being offered resulted in the consumer paying 884 per cent interest on a clothes dryer. The dryer was worth $345, but the person taking out the lease would have eventually paid a full $3,042 over the course of the contract.


Playboy dumping nude images is about rebranding as a mid-range lifestyle brand in China and India.

Phone coverage in Melbourne’s City Loop?! THE FUTURE. FINALLY.

(We sure are glad we only just found out that until recently there was no plan in place for a terrorist attack or general high casualty event in the Loop.  Talk about your dumb ways to die.)

Fears For Transgender “Sistergirls” Locked Up In NT Prisons.

This is one of Steph’s favourite media articles all week: “Arabian Street Artists” bomb Homeland: Why we hacked an award-winning series. HILARIOUS and excellent civil disobedience.

The Guardian has an excellent photo essay about the lives of young South Sudanese refugees making new lives in Australia.

How Doctors Take Women’s Pain Less Seriously: another reiteration of what most women already know.


On Sunday Stephanie and Official Fatberg Zoe went to see The Rabbits, an opera interpretation of the picture book well known to many an Australian. (For our non-Australian readers, it’s an allegory of colonialism and the genocide of Indigenous Australia)

We were both super impressed by the staging, the design and the music, and came out of it completely overwhelmed. A few things didn’t quite sit right (so much white lady, so much humanising of the rabbits), though, and this article at the Melbourne Review of Books manages to get at quite a lot of it. I really recommend reading it.

I don’t feel any guilt about how much I loved The Rabbits in its opera form. That would be so white, to feel guilty about enjoying an artefact of evidence of how white art causes us to ignore Indigenous art even whilst ostensibly talking about and celebrating Indigenous things. That’s the insidiousness of art.

I’m glad that the marsupials were all played by people of ATSI background. I’m glad that the marsupial babies were taken away (in the text!). I’m glad that this story is being told in an accessible way.

But it was also very disappointing in many ways, and I’m grateful to Christopher Johnstone in his review for talking about many of the things I couldn’t quite identify, and all the things I missed.


While Stephanie was experiencing High Culture, Liz was eating doughnuts in the inner west.  Specifically, she was trying the legendary Olympic Doughnuts, and seeing the infamous Evil Olympic Doughnuts Dolphin in real life.

Verdict: A+ hot jam doughnuts, despite the infusion of Evil Dolphin Jam, would try again.

The store’s Facebook page, linked above, has some excellent stuff about its history as a Footscray icon.

Here is a short film about Olympic Doughnuts, including footage of Footscray Station before its amazing refurbishment was complete:

And here is a crowdfunding campaign for a new documentary about Olympic Doughnuts.  The campaign ends on Saturday 17 October — luckily, they’ve already reached their target.