this week in: what has your government done to you (mardi gras ed)

Here is Monday! As is traditional, we are blearily facing the start of another week (unless you’re in Perth, and therefore celebrating a public holiday), and tonight when you check twitter you will, if you’re Steph, remember with despair that it’s #qanda day and you’ll go to bed early.

To make it worse, we bring you this week in what has your government done to you: mardi gras edition (not all acts are related to mardi gras obvs).

A book about Abbott’s Prime Ministership is out! Key bits so far: Abbott’s office told Bronwyn Bishop to hold off on apologising for choppergateCredlin accused of being mired in minutiae. OF COURSE SHE MICROMANAGED HIM, HE WAS AN IMBECILE. (More on Peta Credlin and minutiae at The Guardian)

The excellent Pat Dodson is entering the Senate.

Maybe we will get a plebiscite on marriage equality? Maybe we won’t? NOBODY SEEMS TO KNOW. Maybe we shouldn’t have one and it’s a political weapon that will make Steph commit murder.

The Safe Schools thing has made No Award pretty angry. Read Bec Shaw at SBS: MPs ‘bravely’ demonstrating why the LGBTI anti-bullying program is so important; then just go accept that many people think it’s okay to bully queer youth in Australia. Maybe make sure you’re not related to any of them.