Vote [1] No Award

We’re still in awards season, guys!  Hey, guess who is nominated for the Best New Talent Ditmar? Oh, just the ginger half of No Award!

It’s a tremendous honour just to be nominated, but to take it that next step further, members (including supporting members) of the 2016 Natcon can vote for Liz here. (Digression from Stephanie: AND THEY SHOULD, so Liz can have the tremendous honour of winning it and being there to accept her award. Don’t you want to make Liz’s homecoming sweet and delicious and statuesque? Do it for Liz on International Women’s Day.)

And while you’re there, you can also vote for “Sara Kingdom Dies at the End” by Tansy Rayner Roberts in Companion Piece: Women celebrate the humans, aliens and tin dogs of Doctor Who.  Not to mention a lot of other excellent people and works.

THEN there’s Hugo nominations to take care of!  We humbly suggest you should include in your nominations:

  • For Best Related Work: Companion Piece: Women celebrate the humans, aliens and tin dogs of Doctor Who, edited by L M Myles and Liz Barr (Mad Norwegian Press)
  • For Best Novelette: “The Dan Dan Mien of the Apocalypse” by Stephanie Lai, Review of Australian Fiction

NOT AN AWARD: You can buy Cranky Ladies of History, featuring stories by both Liz and Steph, for discount today, International Women’s Day. Celebrate Ladies by giving them your votes and your money.