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Subway etiquette around the world – in pictures — highlights from an exhibition at the New York Transit Museum, one of Liz’s all-time favourite museums. It’s funny, men keep insisting that manspreading is not a thing, yet here are signs criticising it dating back decades!

Sesame Street’s new Muppet takes on the Taliban (and the trolls)

One guy asked if Zari would wear a suicide vest. Another said “Any ‘christian’ characters? If not, i am offended”. A user called MSM Is Corrupt said: “OMFG – no way in hell I will let my child watch this shit. Get all liberals out of TV they are poisonous to children.”

(Trolls Are Mad About Diversity In Children’s Media And It’s Hilarious is totally our new brand.)

Steph must read this book as soon as possible: An architect turned evil & became the greatest bank robber in history #lifespiration

The great escape: Inky the octopus legs it to freedom from New Zealand aquarium

Because octopuses have no bones they are able to fit into extremely small spaces, and have been filmed squeezing through gaps the size of coins. They are also understood to be extremely intelligent and capable of using tools.

High quality legal shenanigans: Council of the Law Society of NSW v Griffin [2016] NSWCATOD 40

Or, things you should never, ever say to a judge:

…you are not an expert in the English language and not qualified to make such a comment or give such an opinion while I have an Honours degree with distinction including honours cognates in English. I consider that this comment is clearly vindictive and naive and contrary to current theory regarding what non-erroneous expression is or what ‘correct’ expression should be. Neither you nor your Associate are qualified to make this comment and it displays infant school and pedantic understanding of what language actually is. I also consider that this comment evinces a purile and petty intention to belittle a person which is an attitude that has no place in the administration of justice.

Indigenous SF series Cleverman will debut here and in the US on 2 June! Here’s the trailer:

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    1. For someone who prides themselves on their grasp of the language, you’d think if they were going to use a word like “puerile”, they’d at least spell it correctly (the ‘e’ after the ‘u’ has to be there, because the word derives from the latin for “boy”).

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