Two things No Award loves: squids and literature. So, of course, we combined them!


Australian Squidlit

  • Seven Little Sepioteuthis australis
  • Dot and the Giant Squid
  • The Muddleheaded Cephalopod
  • Snugglepod and Cuttlefish
  • The Thorn Squids
  • The Secret River Squid
  • Tomorrow, When the Squid Began
  • Galax-Squidrena
  • The Squid From Snowy River
  • Picnic at Teuthida Rock
  • I Can Jump Octopi
  • A True History of the Squiddy Gang
  • The Power of Squid
  • The Squid in the South
  • Squidstreet
  • The Man Who Loved Octopi
  • Octopus Magic
  • On the Cephalopod Road
  • Octonewtyn
  • Yirra and her Deadly Squid, Demon


Overseas English Language Squidlit

  • Great Exsquidtations
  • To Kill An Octopus
  • The Great Squidsby
  • Squidfield Park
  • Tess of the O’ctovilles
  • Moby-Dick; Or, The Squid
  • Evening is the Whole Squid

Squidlit in Translation

  • Squid in the Time of Cuttlefish (El calamar en los tiempos del calamar)
  • Three Squid Problem (三乌贼)
  • Les Miserapoulpe
  • Journey to the Squid (乌贼游记)


The images in this post are from OpenClipartVectors.

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