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Last weekend’s gluten-free, vegan black forest cake pancake stack. No food is featured in this linkspam. 

The Ethics of Hodor – Hodor, George R. R. Martin, ableism, tropes and deconstructions. {Spoilers}

The Cult of Productivity – Blogging, branding, exploitation and the sunk cost fallacy.

Nova Peris didn’t ‘let the team down’, she blazed a trailNova Peris owns racist troll who posted shocking Facebook tirade

A Melbourne love affair – or, a brief history of Melbourne’s coffee culture.

If you’re in Melbourne and get a chance, drop down to City Square and #supportourhomeless; all they’re asking for is a 24 hour drop in centre in Melbourne: Homeless protesters say they are not moving until housing is provided

I can’t believe I’m linking to the Daily Mail: ‘You don’t look like you belong here’: Two Sydney lawyers ‘humiliated’ after they were told to leave a legal conference ‘because they look different’

This is so unacceptable: University suspends Safe Schools co-founder Roz Ward over Facebook post.

La Trobe University has suspended Roz Ward, the co-founder of anti-bullying program Safe Schools Coalition, after she called the Australian flag “racist” in a Facebook post.

The move to stand down the controversial academic from her job at the university’s Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society has been condemned by the National Tertiary Education Union, which accused the university of taking part in an “anti-intellectual, anti-democratic attack”.

Let Them Bake Cake: Why “The Great British Bake Off” Didn’t Translate Into American.

End of the road: Uber and millennials help US cities cut car addiction; a 30 storey residential tower with no car parking, approved by the local council? The dream~~

Fantastic article: Between the Lines: Literary culture and the marginalisation of diversity

When I wrote that article, I remember addressing the often lofty submission criteria that literary journals aim for when doing call-outs. They ask for ‘diverse voices’ and people of different backgrounds, but that doesn’t really confront the real work, the deep institutional restructuring that creates conditions for equality. I felt suspicious of the way they went about this – it insinuated that publications aren’t already focused on those issues, and treats them as a secondary concern.

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Trope Anatomy 101: Waving away disability and chronic conditions in fiction

6 Signs Your Call-Out Isn’t Actually About Accountability

And then that one time on twitter we all just became human and I laughed until I gave myself a headache. All those times people have said the wrong thing. This made Liz laugh so hard she started wheezing … and she doesn’t have asthma. {Accessibility note: alas, these are all screencaps from Twitter without captions.}