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It’s Friday, and that means … linkspam!

And also a scheduling change: thanks to a certain penguin cancelling her presentation at Continuum, Liz will be on the Fandom Drama and Journalism panel at 3 pm on Sunday. (That’s my birthday, so you have to be nice.)

Lack of diversity in Australian media is leading to missed Asian opportunity warns PwC report author

I’m sure any minute now Stephanie will manage to look a tiny bit surprised.

People Are Boycotting Supanova Over Founder’s Stance Against Safe Schools

We’ve been boycotting Supanova since they decided to invite Adam Baldwin out. *hairflip*

Also, while many of the comments in Supanova’s apology post are predictably gross, some also confirm a rumour we heard a long time ago: that its founder once attempted to ban cross-gender cosplay outright.

Melbourne homeless protest ends at City Square as tent village expands at Enterprize Park – by expand, what they mean is, City of Melbourne made them move on, and then, in the spirit of unkindness and minimal compassion, brought in a bunch of new, giant, potted plants to cover the section of City Square where the protest had been taking place.

HOORAY TAMAL: Tamal Ray’s recipes from Kolkata, the fresh fish capital of India

SPEAKING OF WHITEWASHING, pictures from the set of Ghost in the Shell are out. There’s some debate about whether or not Johansson is wearing actual yellowface — it’s hard to tell either way — but the main characters sure are the only white people in an ~exotic Asian setting!

AND WHILE ON THE SUBJECT OF TERRIBLE APPROACHES TO ASIAN CULTURES, Firefly is a wonderful gift and we are still discovering its new depths. Of racism:

How Joss Whedon’s Firefly Geekwashed the Confederacy

In other news…

Drummer Defends Stanford Student Convicted in Rape Case. Her Band Pays a Price.

“When people choose to defend something, then I think they should be held accountable for it,” said Daniel Stedman, a founder of the Northside Media Group, which runs the Brooklyn festival.

“How does the average person who is really upset and troubled about the Brock story, how does somebody participate in that, making right of a wrong?” Mr. Stedman said. “We are really just one tiny, infinitesimal part of that puzzle, but I think it was a no-brainer for us.”

I can’t believe we’re linking to a satire site, but this is so good: After Careful Consideration, Tim Burton Sides With Man Who Makes Him Millions Of Dollars

Related: “Crazy Bitches” And “Bad Boys”: The Narratives Of Domestic Violence — how celebrity media has dealt with domestic violence now and in the past.

Man Couldn’t Find Work Because Of His Service Dog — Until Someone Hired Them Both – this is great but please always remember to never touch someone’s service dog without permission.

“Is It Even Safe For Us Here?”: LGBT Teens Fear For Their Lives In A Conservative Electorate

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  1. LondonKdS

    And that Firefly post doesn’t even mention the fact that, within its first few minutes, the series establishes that the Alliance has legal slavery and the metaphorical Confederate disapproves! It really is some kind of fantasy version of the Civil War where it really was about noble defenders of localism versus a dictatorial government.

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