Museum shops of the world: Schwules Museum*

Stephanie is still penguining it up in Europe, putting the “world” in “Museum shops of the”. Here, she reports on the Schwules Museum* (the asterisk is part of the name), which is dedicated to “archiving, researching and communicating the history and culture of LGBTIQ communities”.

The Berlin Queer museum is a teeny tiny museum located near U Kurfürstenstrasse . It’s only open after 2pm, which I love, because queers need to sleep.

The exhibits are small. When we visited there were three: one on Dandies, one on an artist’s closeted trans family member, and one that was a general exhibit on being trans.

I appreciated the brownness of the Dandy exhibit and of “millionaires can be trans*“. I walked into these things expecting white washing, and was excited to find a documentary and a photo series on Congolese Sapeurs, who are delightful and I love their dandy fashion rules (not noted in the photo series). And there was an opportunity to have my photo taken as Janelle Monae.

The museum is fine, but small. We got through it in half an hour, then had a queer old time in the shop. Sadly, given the size of the museum, we were sort of more excited by the gift shop than the museum itself. [Liz: Sadly? Surely 80% of the point of visiting a museum is to visit the shop!] Toilets are delightfully gender free, as one might hope.

Items purchased: 1 German zine about girls kissing, 5 queer button badges, 7 queer postcards (nb, this was all for two people, I don’t needs 5 new buttons)
Time visited: 2pm, Thursday
Address: Lützowstraße 73, 10785, Berlin, Germany
Cost: 7 Euro standard, 4 Euro on discount using the Berlin Welcome Card

Rating: 3.5 gender neutral toilets out of five. A very dude heavy museum and shop — worth the visit but keep expectations low.

Vegan sustenance procured: burger and cheesecake from the StrEats food truck that hangs out at Wittenbergplatz on Thursdays.

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