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Hey, hey, hey, guess what’s out today! ONLY TKAY MAIDZA’S DEBUT ALBUM!

Tkay Maidza on bringing a new sound to Australian hip-hop: I didn’t really want to fit in

Ann Leckie on apologies

Who is the apology for? Why does one apologize? Now, you probably instantly replied that the apology was for the person who was wronged, but why is it so often the case that when someone doesn’t react to an apology with public forgiveness, people ask that question, “What more do you want?” as though the automatic, proper response to an apology is to pretend the thing being apologized for never happened? That expectation, that having received an apology Person B is obliged to accept it and forgive Person A, that tells you right there that the apology was actually made for the benefit of Person A all along.

Becca can always be relied upon for a good book write-up, especially if the book is hilariously bad. Here, she takes on the new Connie Willis, and the almost-200 comments tackle the worldbuilding in entertaining detail.

Here is a beautiful story about a fancy whiskey bar in New York, a gross creep, and heroic service staff: “You Girls Having Fun?”

Neoliberalism through a dreamcatcher: five signs your town has gentrified

Marlon Janes: Why I’m Done Talking About Diversity (or, why we should try an all-white diversity panel) 

Bean Diplomacy: Could The Aussie Flat White Forge New Ties Between Australia & Indonesia?

Hothoused and hyper-racialised: the ethnic imbalance in our selective schools

Lamb Ad cleared of ‘racism against white people’ because f*cking DUH

It’s Perfectly Legal To Tell Anti-LGBT People To “Fuck Off”, Judge Says

Common phrases like “you fucking beauty” show the word “fuck” is a part of the everyday Australian vernacular and no longer deemed vulgar or offensive, the judge said.

*wipes away a single patriotic tear*

Let’s Talk About This Hype Around Megan And Tiffany From ‘The Bachelor’

Lifehack for event runners – don’t do this:

The event in question is the Women in Comics panel at ACMI, and while it’s still mostly women, this is not a good look.

Have some fandom statistics: Five Tropes Fanfic Readers Love (And One They Hate)

(Speaking as a person who hates coffee shop AUs, and mundane AUs of all kinds, I was surprised at how unpopular they turned out to be!)