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Howard-era protest music? No reason.

The 70 Greatest Conspiracy Theories in Pop-Culture History

How Police Censorship Shaped Hollywood

This is, of course, incredibly UScentric, but also quite interesting. Speaking as a person who enjoys procedurals and cop shows in moderation, anyway.

Australia’s Lesson for a Thirsty California – a rare opportunity to pat ourselves on the back and congratulate ourselves for coping okay with a climate change dystopia (compared to other places).

[Steph: Californian houses use 318 litres a day? 318?! I had a lot of feelings whilst reading this]

[Liz: RIGHT? All this time, I’ve been seeing Discourse about how it’s mostly corporations using California’s water, so it’s unreasonable to expect individual households to have make any meaningful change. And I’ve been like, sure, that makes sense, we put too much emphasis on individual activism over wider movements. BUT THREE HUNDRED AND EIGHTEEN LITRES?]

It sure is weird how many books are inspired by Japanese culture, when this Mini-List of the Week: Japanese YA Books by Japanese Authors is so short. While you all ponder that, I’m off to see if my library has a copy of Outside Beauty.

The Melbourne Cup Is A Bleak Portrait Of Our Binge Drinking Culture, And It Needs To Change

Melbourne public transport news: turns out the Upfield line used to transport corpses. Which makes sense when you consider that it goes right past the Fawkner cemetary, but this is interesting and has street art poetry.

Three LGBTI people assaulted in Footscray; cops don’t even turn up (also they declare that it doesn’t have anything to do with queerphobia)

Speaking of police being being all ‘oh, it’s not a hate crime’ thirty seconds after a thing happens: Brisbane bus fire attack should not have been named simply a “random act” says the Greens’ Alex Bhathal

Surgeons replace actors in The Crown‘s King George VI operation scene

Oh and speaking of the Queen: The Queen and the dismissal: the palace letters are not ‘personal’ and must be released. YES THEY SHOULD.

The Star-Touched Queen by Roshani Choksh – a book review and something more:

For me, here in India, having a brown person write a fantasy romance novel that draws on Indian mythology isn’t actually “diverse” because that’s not at the margins of my world, that’s already its centre. In large part, this framing has its own consequences because it takes for its centre the publishing industry of the Anglophone Global North and makes these people and cultures a point in the margins.

Grassroots Business:

We’re trying out a new element of linkspam, which is where we highlight an Aussie grassroots org that needs your support. Today we’re linking to Jelly Beans, Queensland’s only specialist trans youth support service, which desperately requires funding. As of 9 November, Jelly Beans had only received $1500 of donations in 2016. They’ve launched a give now campaign, where you can make a donation. (They’re tax deductable fyi)

Donate to the Jelly Beans campaign