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The ultimate Jyn/Cassian song, am I right?

Moar Links: Down Under Feminist Carnival 104!

SBS brings the fun widgets: how diverse is my suburb?

An American pov on Acknowledgment of Country: What Does It Mean to Acknowledge the Past?

Bakers Delight faces legal challenge over wages

This article weirdly romanticises Melbourne’s eateries and Steph definitely read it in a haze of vague disbelief: The City That Knows How to Eat: An Australian-born restaurant critic is still looking for Melbourne in America

ALSO I can’t believe in an article that embeds Mario’s (on Brunswick St) so firmly in the 80s that they don’t mention the 80s weekend that had queues longer than the Perseverance at 11pm.

La Vie Boheme: Eastmint Studio DISCLAIMER: Steph’s friends coordinate Eastmint, they’re the best Eastmint is the best, if you want to live the Melbourne artist life come hang with me and my friends

When You Are Old, Chinese, and Gay

A little bit about (re)claiming public spaces: River swimming: why don’t Australians take the plunge?

Meet the young Northern Territory artist painting Dreaming stories onto Louis Vuitton

IndigenousX: I have trust issues with the future. I fear the racism my children will have to face

The Centrelink thing: ‘This is the biggest issue in Australia’: Centrelink debacle gets worse

The five funniest moments in Australian history

Footscray’s ‘hipster’ attacks are fault lines in the new class war

I usually love Ask A Manager and its commenters, but here’s an exciting parade of UScentrism and whiteness — and not in the way you’d expect: I want to have an indigenous spiritual ceremony for my team.

The Centrelink thing

TL;DR, Centrelink implemented an automated debt recovery system which incorrectly applies earnings against welfare payments, and, right before Christmas, started inundating past and present Centrelink recipients with demands for payment. With the call centre understaffed and the online system not working, the Centrelink Twitter account has started directing distressed “customers” to Lifeline — which is staffed by volunteers and has had its own funding cut.

Exciting fact: last year, the ALP voted with the Liberals to extend the period from which “debts” can be recovered, so I’m expecting my letter any day now. But I’m middle class and — maybe more importantly — know lawyers, so I feel like I can handle it.

No Place For Sheep: The LNP War on Welfare Recipients and How Turnbull plans to raise $4.6 billion from unemployed

New Matilda: High Farce: The Turnbull Government’s Centrelink ‘Robo-Debt’ Debacle Continues To Grow

Fairfax: Centrelink referring Twitter users to Lifeline amid debt-recovery efforts and ‘No apology’ from Barnaby Joyce as government doubles down on Centrelink debt clawback

The Guardian: This is what happened when Centrelink called to review my false debt accusation

Grassroots Business

1 day left on this one!

Chip in to take Peter Dutton’s cruelty to court #Season4Justice

They just hit their original goal but NJP using the extra to fund a second junior lawyer to fight even harder for women who need to be brought to Australia for medical assistance and are stuck on Nauru and denied treatment by our awful government.


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  1. Melina D

    I looked at the food diversity in my suburb . . . and I’m pretty sure I have eaten at all 4 of the restaurants mentioned

    I’ve swum in the local river near my parents place, but no one could get me in the Brisbane River. And I noticed that there’s no plans to get anyone near the Brisbane River . . .

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