A No Award 2016 in Review

bulldogcat3Welcome to our favourite No Award posts of 2016! I promise this is the last round up post.

2015 in Review

Steph also had some things outside No Award this year:

‘Cherries in Winter, Rivers in Spring’, a short story about climate change and individual action, in In Your Face, ed. Tehani Wessely.

Space racism: on Hollywood actors & their whitewashing,Overland Magazine.

Steph’s 2016 pride and joy: ‘A short history of the dangers of travel writing‘, Overland Magazine.


Lunar New Year is in 2 weeks, and Steph is going home for it, so: lunar new year and diminishing returns

Cyclist Etiquette, and why my bike is on the train: my bike is on the train (please get off my back)

2b-Green-dino-only-smaller-whiteRacism in con spaces: taking up room in con spaces

Also sort of related but more cheerful: on asian girls who go to cons (the Asian girl is Steph)

The light of Keanu Reeves, an essay about Steph’s love for Keanu

Arts, representation, and you(r local brown peeps)

An Island Full of Sand – on Steph’s newest environmental obsession, SAND PIRACY

The Colonialism in Your Heart

On the corner is a banker with a motorcar: Liz’s first post about gentrification in the inner west

Blackface in Australia

Kids today, or, the thinkpiece in 1920

The invisible women, about women in SFF and collective memory/amnesia

Guest post: Libraries, politics and social justice



book review: Asia on Tour: Exploring the Rise of Asian Tourism

Ready for This

The Wells & Wong Mysteries by Robin Stevens

Joe Cinque’s Consolation

Liz read four Australian novels and reviewed them in one post

Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil by Melina Marchetta


Sad ways to describe white people in literature

Edible Australian care package

Asian-Australian Self Care


Setting Jane Austen’s cads, bounders and douchebags on fire

Liz’s top 5 cephalopods

Called-out author bingo (totally a listicle! Just … square!)


New residents on the Prison Island of Sodor

Actually Steph will need to update this in light of some things that came into the Lee Lin Chin brand in 2016: Stephanie versus the lambassadors; or, why Lee Lin Chin deserves better

Elementary Malay, prepared as a guide for R.A.A.F. personnel

Reading the Australian Women’s Weekly in January 1968


Liveblog: Joe Cinque’s Consolation by Helen Garner

Liveblog: Star Trek: The Next Generation – Death in Winter by Michael Jan Friedman

Brown Bounty Hunter Business