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Holy crap this song is amazing

Cat Empire’s Felix Riebl on his song for Ms Dhu: a ‘devastating’ story

Diversity is a white word

Meet The “Aboriginal Kardashians” Starring In Your New Favourite Show

Steph loves Simran Sethi, so even though it’s American we’re linking to it (also it has cross-country applicability, etc): Love in the Time of Trump (A Letter to My Beloved About His White Privilege)

Boo at City of Melbourne: Council insists it is not clearing homeless camps because of Australian Open (spoilers it is)

On Asian Feminism And Why We Constantly Get Trashed

On Steph’s new favourite teen movie, The Edge of Seventeen, and its super adorable Asian-Canadian love interest: We’re finally seeing Asian movie characters portrayed as real people, and it’s a revelation (It’s ok, he’s played by a 32 year old, so Steph can totally find him hot).

Trump and Brexit left progressives aghast – they should be emboldened

Steph can relate to this so hard, except she has no regrets changing to her Chinese (last) name and never going back, even though she has to spell it all the time and correct peoples’ pronunciation: I regret changing my name to fit in at work, but now it’s too hard to go back

If you’re in Melbourne in February you should go to the amazing events at JLF Melbourne, ie the Jaipur Literary Festival IN MELBOURNE. Steph is going to everything she can.

This is cute: Sasha Obama Was A Really Good First Teen

Steph can’t remember if she linked to this so have it again anyway, because it’s always true: Living With Racism in Australia

But last year, when I was seven months pregnant, my Anglo-Australian husband and I found a leaflet stuck to our car outside a Melbourne hardware store. It was a badly photocopied image of a little black boy and a white girl seen through the scope of a gun. Written on it in big black letters was “Stop race mixing.”

“Too late now,” I told my husband.

Grassroots Business

Give to the RISE New Year Appeal. You should definitely do this. ❤ ❤ RISE.

All money raised from our New Year Appeal will go directly into the start-up fund for the following areas:

  1. Advocacy Case-work and Campaigns (Legal Case work clinic, resource case work and campaigning)
  2. Settlement Support Services (Free Driving Program; Employment support; Training Services etc.)
  3. Arts and Educational Programs
  4. Drop-In Centre open 9:30am – 7pm all week  (includes Resource Library, Food Bank, Computer Pod with internet access and resume clinic)

Your support will allow us to continue challenging the harmful policies and discourses which surround refugees and asylum seekers and which pervade social and political spheres both locally and globally. Your donation is critical to increasing our resource capacity and will enable our dedicated team of staff and volunteers to continue providing essential services to our communities.

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  1. Wow, thanks for sharing ‘diversity is a white word’ in particular. Although it’s aimed at the arts community, I think it’s relevant to my academic sciencey context as well.

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