I like your old links better than your new links

Have we done this song before? Doesn’t matter, it’s a classic.

We will almost certainly have action points around this next week, and this is bullshit: Sunday and public holiday penalty rates will be reduced for hospitality, retail workers, Fair Work Commission rules

Penalty rates: Why the decision flags the start of a new political fight

A five step guide to turning your Not My Debt experience into a Senate submission

74 dead refugees wash ashore in Zawiya

As always, as with every week, fall out from our long national nightmare, QANDA: Yassmin Abdel-Magied said nothing wrong. She should not have to face this venom.

FFA urged to come down hard on Western Sydney Wanderers fans over ‘homophobic’ banner

Maybe Liz and Steph should hold activism letter writing sessions in bookstores: Bookstores stoke Trump resistance with action, not just words

How people responded in the ‘What type of Aussie are you?’ quiz

Nokia is relaunching the classic 3310! Let’s hope the classic swappable covers also make a come-back.

Tor.com has launched a series looking at iconic SFF costumes.

Lazy costuming is always readily evident, because it ignores the world in which the characters live. For example: every gorgeous thing Padme Amidala wears.

(The comments also feature a great debate about Padme’s costumes. If you have feelings about costuming. Which Liz does.)