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Look, if Stephanie keeps leaving the choice of linkspam song in my hands, I’m just gonna keep on raiding the Dance Academy soundtrack.

Tackling the kraken: unique dolphin strategy delivers dangerous octopus for dinner (Content warning: graphic photos of cephalopod abuse by dolphins)

Meet The Food Delivery Workers In The Decentralised Dickensian Online Gig Economy

UH HELLO: Shaun Tan gives the Rocket Clock a new look FIRST OF ALL, did you know that the Rocket Clock hasn’t been in use on Play School since 1999? Second of all, SHAUN TAN DID THE ROCKET CLOCK AAAH.

Down Under Feminists’ Carnival: 106th Edition

Look obviously Liz’s review of the Dance Academy movie is the best movie thing you’ve read this week, but the second best thing is Going Full Mendo, which is SO AUSSIE.

Nobody dangles a cigarette from their mouth on screen like Ben Mendelsohn. The actor defies the laws of physics to keep it hanging from his lips for an unnatural amount of time. There’s sometimes the added difficulty curve of lighting the cigarette at the same time. These are the nuances Mendelsohn brings to each performance. A master of ‘less is more’, his characters move low and slow to control their status in any situation and it makes Mendelsohn a magnetic screen presence. Mendelsohn has built a career playing rogues using his downtrodden, laid back style of acting. Early in his career, Mendelsohn’s approach was classified by comedians, Tony Martin and Mick Molloy, on their radio show Martin Molloy as going: “Full Mendo”. Mendelsohn has become an in-demand actor by going Full Mendo.

Solving Racial Injustice With Kendall Jenner And Pepsi

Cultural Appropriation, Kendall Jenner, And That Pepsi Ad

Had my Civil Rights organizing grandfather known to hand out Pepsi to the police he could have saved himself many years of exhausting work! Perhaps the most offensive part is how the advertisement clearly manipulates imagery of the award-winning photograph of mother and nurse, Ieshia Evans, to SELL A SOFT DRINK.

Every Australian should learn some Auslan yay: Sign language: Call for Auslan lessons in Vic schools

Memorable moments to mark Peter Cundall’s 90th birthday

Steph has been having a lot of feelings about this article: The state has let millennials down. That’s why we crowdfund basic needs

But support has to be continual for it to be effective, and these strategies are obviously not foolproof. They are precarious, offering a small respite – not to mention how the shame of asking for money that runs deep in our culture makes some people feel. There may be something to celebrate in the fact that millennials will support each other where the government won’t, but it’s merely a symptom of the depressing truth: that many of us continue to be on the receiving end of selfish and unsustainable decisions made by the generations above us.

Grassroots Business

Steph’s friend Michael is working with communities affected by climate change to share stories and build community networks. He is currently crowdfunding for some workshops he’s going to running in Dhaka later this year!

Portraits of Change – Youth Photo-voice in Dhaka