EOI: Occasional Modern Fiction Correspondent

Hello, Quokkas! Liz and I have identified a deficiency in our site that we’d like to rectify.

We are looking for an occasional modern and/or romance fiction correspondent. Please apply within.

As you know, Liz and I love rambling about stuff at No Award. Unfortunately, we’ve recently come to terms with the idea that we should sometimes talk about romance and modern Australian (women’s) fiction, and we can’t, because we read/engage with so little of it.

Here is an email Liz sent me recently:

I really wish I read commercial women’s fiction, because I’d really love a post about how (a) while most Australian authors wonder how to crack the US market, Liane Moriarty becomes a bestseller, insert Elle Woods “What, like it’s hard?” gif; (b) only LATER becomes a bestseller in her own country; (c) has a hugely successful TV adaptation set in the US; (d) David E Kelley, American Guy, gets all the credit for the series, even though consensus is that he took out all the things that made the book interesting.

Incidentally, the specific role of ‘yelling about how Big Little Lies (2017 TV) is too American’ has just been filled by Liz, who read the book on the weekend.

So now we’re looking for one or two occasional correspondents for No Award to make these sorts of leaps for us. It is preferable that it is the one correspondent but I literally just corrected myself for conflating modern women’s fiction with romance fiction, so I understand if we end up needing two.

The ideal correspondent would need to come up with their own ideas but also sometimes engage with our own leaps of logic and either run with them or tell us we’re dreaming. They must work to a pretty random schedule, but we’re super flexible.

Payment is in delicious exposure, all caps emails containing wild theories, and sometimes books and tickets but that is pretty rare. I could probably talk Liz into designing a series of Tiny Mood Reviewers ala the Tiny Mood Stephanies.

If you would like to apply, drop us a comment or an email, or poke us on social media, and we will be in touch for a convo.