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The problem with problematic

Hi! I’m trans. I’m queer. I would like to talk about trans characters who end up dead in the course of story, or queer characters who are not the heroes of the story, and why that is frequently completely all right with me; and why the frequent labeling of works as “problematic” for not portraying trans (etc.) characters as paragons of virtue is itself a problem.

How vomit inspired so much about the ABC’s rage: A great history of rage — Liz also highly rates the podcast episode that accompanies this article.

Motherhood in fiction, an essay by Aliette de Bodard: Horrific pregnancies and dead mothers: motherhood in fiction and how I learnt to love my pregnant character (and beautiful art by Likhain).

This week in what has your government done to you is obviously #Australianvalues: Neo-AUS Citizenship Test 

There are bogans in Star Wars


Overbooking flights is legal in Australia, so here’s a great article on knowing what’s what if it happens to you here: United Airlines isn’t alone in overbooking. It’s legal in Australia and ‘fairly common’

Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson Are Never Onscreen Together in Fate of the Furious

You may not have heard about Odysseycon, a US Con, and how it fucked up, but Odysseycon fucked up good, and in the interests of always keeping our readers informed on how to not fuck up Australian cons, we link you now.

Historian says newly found transcripts prove Marngrook’s influence on AFL

Friend of No Award Bis guest starred on an episode of podcast The Gaythiest Manifesto, talking about pronouns: Did Tumblr Make Up Your Pronouns?

Grassroots Business

Check out Curtain the Podcast, and subscribe to Curtain the Podcast’s Patreon.

This podcast explores the imprisonment of Aboriginal Man Kevin “Curtain” Henry, who has served 25 years for a murder he has always insisted he didn’t commit. The podcast has uncovered startling revelations, proof of Mr Henry’s innocence and revealed the shocking bias that exists in the Australia justice system against Indigenous People. The aim is simple – for justice to be done and to continue to shine a light into the darkest corner of our society. With the most imprisoned minority on the planet this is not just a podcast, it’s a cause that is literally a matter of life and death.

This is more than just a podcast, it is the legal and political battle to free an innocent man. This is also the work of Kevin’s own family and supporters, predominantly Aboriginal people from Rockhampton, the community of Woorabinda and a key group of people fighting for justice.