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I hope we’ve all come to terms with the fact that our government is full of people who would leave us all to rot, individually and collectively: New York Times: It Would Be ‘Unconscionable’ For Europe To Follow Abbott’s ‘Inhumane’ Refugee Policies; at the SMH, where it’s all just gross; Dutton thinks climate change in the Pacific is hilarious (more on that tomorrow); Secret freeze on refugee citizenship processes.

Don’t make friends with salad. Or, for that matter, any other food – on food and morality.  (Disclaimer: Official Potato Moya strongly feels that people should be friends with food if that’s what they want, some of our best friends are food, etc.)

This one goes out to Official Potato and Occasional Official Calligrapher Moya: How the Ballpoint Pen Killed Cursive.

Refugees, the most enterprising migrants in Australia

Unions slam proposal for one-hour shifts ONE HOUR SHIFTS ARE TERRIBLE JUST SAY NO

Training quolls to not eat cane toads by…throwing them sausages laced with cane toads.  #straya

Things and Their Makers: From “European Labour Only” to “Ethical Consumerism” – a great piece at Right Now by Lia Incognita with a very Melbourne focus

On the Other Hand – a rare profile of the Muppeteer who took over the role of Kermit after Jim Henson’s death

An Edwardian admonition against manspreading

Liz is really into this 1955 BBC short doco about cycle touring:

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