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Who knew that hot jam doughnuts are a specifically Melbourne thing?

Steph is so into this article: An exile from Iran on the beaches of Australia

Do you believe in alternate universes?  Here’s one from the reality where Malcolm Turnbull is a dangerous leftist.  But what really made us sit up and pay attention is the discovery that Turnbull’s mother, Coral Lansbury, was amazing.  Through her, Turnbull is also distantly related to Angela Lansbury of Murder She Wrote fame.  GUYS.

This interview with the director of Hackers on its 20th anniversary is so great.

Our Own Two Wheels, on using sex from ladies to sell, especially in a community filled with ladies.

Can You Match the Pigeons to the Way They’re Ruining My Whole Life? The anti-birb agenda spreads!

Photos of many adorable sharks.

Obviously the title of this article is now post its prime but the article still stands: Nick Cave implores Malcolm Turnbull to remove Arts Minister George Brandis; with a special note to Sam Twyford-Moore (former EWF director and twitter about town) who put it all together.

How embarrassment: Learning to speak Australian at Peril re: noted boofhead Senator Ian MacDonald.

On the ‘stepping down’ process at Metro Trains.


Because of this racist fucked up country: Adam Goodes to farewell Sydney Swans fans next season after quietly announcing AFL retirement. The man is a role model for Australians and there are a whole lot of AFL supporters who Steph would kick in the groin area if she could.

Rebecca Shaw (aka @brocklesnitch) provides a women’s sport round-up.  Liz found out just last week that women’s AFL is a thing that exists!

Every non-white person outside the United States is not a “person of color.” An interesting and critical examination of US responses to Kevin Kwan’s Crazy Rich Asians and China Rich Girlfriend. (Spoilers, Steph, as a mixed-race SEAzn, hates these books for exactly these reasons.)

Shaun Tan has done some stuff with fairy tales and it is excellent. The Singing Bones.