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This is a terrible song, but I love it, don’t judge me.

Yassmin Abdel-Magied’s I walked out of the Brisbane Writers Festival Keynote Address. This is why has been linked all over the place, and that’s as it should be because it’s a succinct, excellent piece about cultural appropriation and the platform for supremacy and complacency, and it’s a compulsory piece for all Australians to read.

To their credit, BWF gave Yassmin, Rajith Savanadasa and Suki Kim a right of reply, discussed here.

Comment: Malarndirri McCarthy, Julian Leeser, and Anne Aly deserve as much attention as Hanson

Helen Garner reviews Pride & Prejudice, essentially becoming a parody of herself by including a factual inaccuracy and some misogyny.

BIRB BUSINESS: ‘A nasty piece of bird’: State’s swooping no-go zones outlined in black and white

And, from that article, the Victorian Government’s magpie swooping map.

We’re also very into the New York Times‘ coverage of the birb swooping epidemic: Fear Descends Over Australia as Magpie Swooping Season Begins

Psychologists apologise to Indigenous Australians for decades of mistreatment


Why the Guardian is publishing its elephant reporting in Chinese

Trixie Belden and the Tiger Parents: Rebecca Lim reimagines Trixie Belden

The Reluctant Memoirist (Based on this article alone, Steph wants to read this book so bad she just bought it for her tablet, and she NEVER impulse purchases books!…unless they’re travel memoirs, she has an illness okay)

(Liz notes with GENUINE OUTRAGE that she linked to the same article back in July.)

AS YOU KNOW, Stephanie is in Singapore! She is attempting to do ETHNOGRAPHIC RESEARCH and you should check out her post about the research and maybe share the link. Okay cool THANKS.

Finally, a bit of back-patting — remember that time we made a list of OzYA more deserving of adaptations than Tomorrow, When the War Began? Apparently someone got our memo, because according to the bio in Randa Abdel-Fattah’s latest novel, she’s working on a script right now.

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  1. Heidi

    I borrowed Suki Kim’s book on the basis of reading that article when Liz linked it. Really interesting read, especially in light of the article.

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