The linkspam is over

It’s Friday, and that means … linkspam!

And also a scheduling change: thanks to a certain penguin cancelling her presentation at Continuum, Liz will be on the Fandom Drama and Journalism panel at 3 pm on Sunday. (That’s my birthday, so you have to be nice.)

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Setting Jane Austen’s cads, bounders and douchebags on fire

Our own post on books we love to re-read has sent me diving into Austen. Again. Specifically David M. Shapard’s annotated editions, which are only US$9.99 on Kindle, and are full of fascinating facts and context and whatnot. I’m quite bummed that the annotated Mansfield Park (my favourite Austen novel, FIGHT ME) isn’t out until next year.

This re-read got me thinking about Austen’s troupe of terrible jerks. Each of her books presents its heroine with a Bad Romantic Option, but they’re all terrible in different ways, and to different degrees. But I think we can all agree that they deserve to be set on fire — the only question is, who do we burn first?

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